New York University (NYU)’s School of Medicine, Department of Population Health, will support the Diabetes LEAD Network by providing expertise in the areas of health surveillance, food, housing policy research, and casual inquiry approaches. Building on this expertise, NYU will contribute to the Network by constructing novel food and housing environment measures in relation to diabetes and cardiometabolic indicators. Uniquely, NYU has access to the Veteran Affairs (VA) Cohort, the largest prospective cohort of diabetes-free adults in the US, established using the VA electronic medical record network.

Our aims include:

  1. Align center-specific protocols to harmonize methods, study periods, and measures to identify multi-center study opportunities
  2. Determine independent and joint association between novel community measures and county-level prevalence of outcomes
  3. Measure the impact of county-level food and housing environment characteristics on a risk of diabetes diagnosis or being obese in a large cohort of VA patients, adjusting for county and individual-level covariates in multilevel regression models
  4. Use mediation analysis to examine potential mechanistic pathways between county-level food and housing environment characteristic and diabetes incidence


Lorna Thorpe, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator

Brian D. Ebel, PhD, MPH
Co-Principal Investigator

David Lee, MD
Diabetes and Geospatial Methods Co-Investigator

Pasquale Rummo, PhD
Food Environment Co-Investigator

Mark Schwartz, MD
Diabetes and VA Co-Investigator

Ingrid Ellen, PhD
Housing Co-Investigator

Farrokh Alemi, MA
VA Co-Investigator

Sanja Avramovic, PhD
VA Co-Investigator

Sam Adhikari , PhD
Assistant Professor and Biostatistician

Priscilla Lopez, MPH
Study Coordinator

Rania Kanchi, MPH
Data Analyst